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Freeview, Freesat & Media Equipment

Freeview And Media Equipment

We are also able to set up your existing Freeview equipment or supply you with new equipment e.g. set top boxes (Freeview HD receivers and Freeview Hard Disk Recorders), Blu-Ray/DVD players and VCR's.

Freesat Installation

Galaxy Aerials can supply and install Freesat services for you. Freesat is designed to allow viewers across the country to receive digital TV as Freeview does not work in all areas of the country, whereas, Freesat does.

The channels available via Freesat are similar to those found on Freeview.

High Definition – Freesat

Freesat offers a number of channels in High Definition (HD). There are also a number of Freesat HDR receivers available and we can supply one of these if required. These receivers have a very similar principle to the Sky+ service, only there is no subscription needed. It will enable you to record a channel whilst watching another or playing back a previously recorded programme, among other uses. The Freesat EPG and setting up to record is really easy and we will guide you through this process after installation.

We are able to install and set up your own equipment too.

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