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Sky TV Installation

Although Sky usually include satellite installation for new customers, they’re not necessarily the cheapest option if you’re moving house, moving a SKY+ or SKY+ HD box within your existing home or, if you’ve acquired an additional box from family or friends. Sky’s in-house satellite installers also work within very strict guidelines which means there are some installations (particularly in flats and tall buildings) which they’re unable to do.

At Galaxy Aerials, our fully trained satellite installers and aerial installers are capable of doing whatever you need to get satellite television wherever you need it, (without sacrificing on safety or quality).

Our installation services include; new satellite dish installation, dish realignment, relocation of the dish to another part of your property, replacing old or damaged LNBs, multi room, full installations and replacement box installation.

Satellite Installation

A modern satellite dish installation (used for Sky and BBC Freesat) can be placed in a range of positions on your house or in your garden that makes it discreet. The small size of today’s dishes and flexible options for fixing means that, when positioned with care, it can seemingly vanish into its surroundings.

The dish must point in the right direction (it must have clear line of sight to the satellite being used) and so, the orientation of your house affects where it can be fixed discreetly.

As your local satellite installer we will take time to look around the house with you for the most suitable positions to ensure the dish will not stand out or show up. We will advise you on which positions for the satellite installation are best for reliable reception and also suitable for fixing the dish into place.

We have fitted ‘hidden’ dishes behind a chimney stack, at the back of a roof, at low level on the side of a house, in a tree and even under the deck of a lake house! (See our gallery). If the dish must go in a prominent position, your dish can be painted or camouflaged. All these options should be considered before installation begins and we will help guide you through the process.

Sometimes planning regulations require a discreet installation for your dish, particularly on listed buildings, which we have worked on before. However, planning permission is not usually needed for a mini dish installation.

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