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TV Aerial Installation

Established in 2005, we have over 15 years’ experience in aerial installation, satellite installation and solving television reception problems throughout the area, Galaxy Aerials can recommend what you will need to achieve perfect and reliable reception in your area. We stock a complete range of television aerials and offer a free of charge quotation with no call out charge.

If you have poor television reception this could be due to one of several reasons. You may have a fault somewhere in your aerial installation, possibly corrosion in the aerial or cable, or you may live in an area where television signals are weak. Whatever the reason we will be able to advise and help you to achieve a strong and clear signal allowing you to have the best possible television viewing experience.

Most existing aerials will be able to receive digital TV to some degree, however, they were designed to receive analogue signals so this too can also affect the variation in quality of reception, especially in very old aerial installations. Old aerials would have been installed to pick up a relatively narrow range of signal and be pointed at the local analogue transmitter. Take this into consideration with the normal equipment degrading over time, which, because this happens over time, you don’t notice the picture changing until it suddenly freezes or stops altogether. A new aerial installation designed to specifically optimise digital transmission can make all the difference to your viewing quality. High gain aerials with a very broad bandwidth will improve the picture quality even in reception black spots helping to stop digital breakup and increasing the amount of channels that can be received.

Radio Aerial Installation

We can also supply radio aerials for FM and Digital audio broadcasting (DAB), suitable to provide you with a range of radio channels to choose from in your home / property. To ensure this is a suitable option for you, our specialists will be more than happy to help advise you on the best and most suitable options for you and your needs giving you a reliable and perfect reception in your area.

To enable you to listen to DAB you will also need a DAB tuner as well as the DAB aerial. DAB tuners are available from all good audio/television stores. We can carry out the aerial installation to correspond with the purchase of your DAB tuner or alternatively we will be able to offer advice on the best and most suitable options for you as this may include Internet Radio.

Once you have a DAB tuner installed it will automatically locate the radio services available in your area and you are then able to choose the station you require from a list, the same as with most normal radio services. With DAB, listeners have an interference-free reception with wider listening choice through many additional stations and services.

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